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Gwevedzi is a Shona name given to a suitor’s friend/messenger in a courtship process. Although these days it is not common, Gwevedzi really played a major role in issues to do with courtship since the suitors were not supposed to approach his lady directly hence the Gwevedzi came in to play.

Unlike any other musicians Gwevedzi is made up of a rare combination of instruments something which is unique in its own way, further more we play various sounds inspired from within running away from the traditional sounds which people mostly expect to hear whenever the mbira instrument is played, another trait of our uniqueness and most importantly our lyricism and vocal patterns is also another thing to take a closer look at in as far as our uniqueness is concerned.

Our main thrust is to create a new generational sound which appeals to both, the old and the younger generation through hybridizing the local African sound with the European hence the combination of guitar, mbira and percussions.

Ndinouya is a Shona word that means I Will Come in English. The Song is originally found on our 3rd Album tittled Nhungo. It talks about a Husband who is in the Diaspora promising to come back home to his wife . .Check PROJECTS PAGE for indepth Background of the Video and Song.

Music Video Produced By: Wentworth Art World (WAW)